Farming Karma Still Growing

Kelowna beverage company Farming Karma continues to add products to its lineup

The newest line from a Kelowna beverage company is flying off the shelves.

Farming Karma mocktails are the latest creation from the company that launched fruit sodas in 2019 and then followed it up with alcoholic offerings in 2021. When the mocktails last year hit store shelves for a market test, the business had produced enough inventory to last what it thought would be two to three months.

“We were blown away when we completely sold out in two weeks,” Farming Karma co-founder Binny Boparai-Gill said in a press release. “We continue to see a very high demand for our mocktails because we make them using high quality, natural ingredients, and they are free of any artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.”

The idea for the mocktails came from Boparai-Gill, who founded and runs the company with her husband, Avi Gill. She is not a big drinker, and the non-alcoholic choices she found at parties and events were not to her liking. Customers were also interested in finding out what Farming Karma could create, and the rest is history.

The mocktails come in four flavours: Conscious Cosmo (cranberry with rhubarb and orange zest), Mellow Mimosa (mango), Musing Mojito (mint and lime) and Mindful Mule (lime and ginger).

“Consumer preference is also changing with people becoming health-conscious and more mindful of their alcohol consumption,” Boparai-Gill said. “They are seeking more sophisticated and artisanal non-alcoholic beverage alternatives, and our mocktails fill this need while still delivering a delicious and enjoyable drinking experience.”

Farming Karma mocktails are sold in many Kelowna grocery stores.

Original article by Kirk Penton on July 29th, 2023 available on Castanet.