Over 3,600% sales growth from compostable phone cases


Creating a global splash at parks and playgrounds


Pioneering supercriticial C02 extraction systems.

Putting It All Together

With world-class research and innovation in everything from aerospace to waterslides, local companies are developing the technologies and materials of the future, which in turn is attracting forward-thinking entrepreneurs and businesses.

The sheer diversity of manufacturers makes it easy for existing and new businesses to find high-quality local partners to help with specific challenges. High-tech composite jet components. Fiberglass film props. Compostable phone cases. Solar generators. Fruit beverages and snacks. Supercritical extraction systems. Oh, and snow plows. Here in the Okanagan we’re doing it all.



Over $51 billion in generated revenue (2017) in BC, making manufacturing one of the largest sectors in Canada



609 manufacturing firms employing 5,760 people (Census, 2016)