Jupiter Avionics

Out Of This World

Jupiter Avionics carries on its growth trajectory as a renowned designer and manufacturer of aircraft audio communications.

Renowned worldwide for the aircraft audio communications equipment they design and manufacture, Jupiter Avionics has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies for each of the last three years.

Jupiter was founded in 2011 after Northern Airborne Technology (NAT) closed due to restructuring. Several senior executives from NAT saw a new door ready to be opened as one was closing and assembled the Jupiter team with well-respected avionics professionals who had previously contributed to NAT’s success.

The products Jupiter designs and manufactures, which are produced mainly for mission-oriented helicopters (think medical transport, firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency search and rescue), include audio controllers, wireless intercoms, and a multitude of accessories and interfaces.

“Virtually all our products are exported, and our customers hail from every corner of the globe,” says President, Mitch Stinson. “Although we do not have a high local profile, we are well-known worldwide
in our market.”

Stinson adds that the company’s strategy is to provide highly customizable products while maintaining short lead times. They have developed a “nimble and adaptive approach to meeting market needs,” he says, which combined with the longstanding expertise of its founders, is surely a contributor to the company’s reputation and success.

As Jupiter Avionics carries on its growth trajectory, there is no doubt that the impact of the company’s work will continue to be felt throughout the world.

“The core of our team has lived in the Kelowna area for more than 30 years. When we decided to form our own company, it was a no-brainer to base ourselves in Kelowna… we knew we’d be able to attract new employees to the area given its wide range of year-round activities.”