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THC Biomed

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THC BioMed

Being a part of the Cannabis industry’s growth has made Cleo’s work with THC BioMed, one of Kelowna’s oldest licensed producers, that much more meaningful. And they’re just getting started in a rapidly accelerating industry, where the long-awaited potential is now becoming a reality.

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Poised for High Performance

The world’s cannabis market is booming, sitting at an estimated $28 billion with growth projections of 14% each year for the next five years. Not to be left behind, BC is helping to lead the charge, producing over 40% of Canada’s cannabis product output, with its Okanagan Valley serving as home to over 40 cannabis related companies.

As one of the most cannabis-centric places in the world, the Central Okanagan provides a competitive advantage that few regions in the world currently have.



of Canada’s industry revenue in 2021


of Canada’s cannabis businesses are based in BC